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The Word On The Ground

August 26th, 2010 by

The stage crew heard that the site would be closed until 2pm tomorrow at the same time as the public this morning. Although much of the staging and equipment had already been unloaded, a vehicle ban came into place at around 9am. It is thought that the ban is to stop the soft ground being churned up.

Despite the lack of vehicle access, work is still steadily continuing. It is expected that the main stage (taken by Urban Audio Pro yesterday) will be up and running when the gates open. Cha Wallah’s has not managed to completely set up but a few bars, including the reggae tent, are playing music.

People who have used the shuttle bus service have been granted access to the site but numbers are being kept to a minimum until the rescheduled opening time.

Shambala Closed Until Tomorrow

August 26th, 2010 by

Due to severe weather, Shambala Festival will be closed until 2pm tomorrow. We will be keeping this site updated so stay tuned. Also if you want programme updates then please follow our Mashed Live Twitter.